Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Healthy relationships have the capability to enrich our lives in unique and fulfilling ways. However, they can also be challenging to maintain and carry the potential for disagreements. As a holistic therapist educated in communication skills, I have extensive experience with helping people in romantic and platonic relationships find realistic and appropriate solutions to dynamic problems.

Common relationship issues include:

  • Communication problems
  • Breached boundaries
  • Challenging breakups
  • Financial pressures
  • Infidelity
  • Problems within the family
  • Struggles with handling crisis
  • Feeling stuck
  • Loss of intimacy

In a partnership, individuals often have to navigate their partner’s interests on top of their own. Naturally, all relationships experience a degree of tension. I help clients navigate complex situations and emotions to solidify their needs and get to the root of their relationship troubles. Learning to embrace compromise without neglecting one’s own needs can help minimize arguments and build trust.

How Can Therapy Help With Relationship Issues?

Therapy provides people with a safe space to perform a deep dive into every facet of their relationships. Typically, we start with defining what the relationship means to them, followed by fleshing out their needs and what they hope to get out of their relationship. It can be especially beneficial for people experiencing relationship troubles to receive support from an external and unbiased party, like a therapist.

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