Substance-Related and Other Addictive Issues

How Are Substance-Related Problems And Other Addictive Issues Treated?

Treatment is entirely client-focused and tailored to meet their needs. I utilize a non-12 step approach focused primarily on harm reduction. The end goal depends on what the client wants and can include complete abstinence or controlled moderation. Sometimes, the plans change throughout the therapeutic process. My primary concern is to keep clients safe and respect how they would like to approach treatment. I provide them with whatever support they need to reach a resolution they are happy with.

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Kati Pandkhou, MSW, ASW
Kati Pandkhou, MSW, ACSW
Katayon Pandkhou, Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker #102198
Supervised by Scott L. Johnson, LMFT #42955
California State Certified Sexual Assault Counselor since February 2023
11949 Jefferson Blvd #102,
Culver City, CA 90230
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